🐸Generate Token

Token generation with Pinky Finance only takes a couple of seconds. Smart contract full ownership belongs only to the deployer - so don't lose your wallet!

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you want to deploy the token on Ethereum Blockchain, you need to select that chain on the top bar on Pinky Finance.

Then once the correct chain has been set, you can head to the menu: "Tokens -> and select which token you want to generate".

Currently, we are offering 5 types of tokens:

  1. Mintable + Burnable Token: Read more about the token functionality.

  • Name: For example, on the Ethereum blockchain, token names are limited to 32 characters. This includes letters, numbers, and any special characters you might use. It's generally a good practice to keep token names reasonably short and meaningful to avoid confusion.

  • Symbol: On the Ethereum blockchain, token symbols are limited to 10 characters. But in reality, we would recommend using a maximum of 5 symbols.

  • Decimals: 18 decimal places is the common standard, some tokens might use fewer decimal places (for example, 6 or 8) depending on their specific use case. It's important to consider the intended use of the token and how finely it needs to be divided when deciding on the number of decimal places to use.

  • Total Supply: You need to enter total supply without the decimals!

Payment for the token deployment

This payment includes: Gas fees for the token contract deployment on the blockchain (gas fees are constantly changing and are different on each network) + Platform fee (View all platform fees)

Successfully Generated Token

The address is your unique token smart contract address, you can use this address to import your tokens in your wallet.

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