🐸Meme Coin

A "meme coin" is a type of cryptocurrency that derives its value and popularity from internet memes, online communities, and social media trends rather than traditional fundamental factors. Meme coins often have playful, humorous, or quirky branding that resonates with internet culture. They can gain rapid attention and widespread adoption due to their unique appeal and the power of online communities.

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Smart Contract Methods

Read methods:

  1. allowance

  2. balanceOf

  3. blacklists

  4. decimals

  5. limited

  6. minHoldingAmount

  7. maxHoldingAmount

  8. name

  9. owner

  10. symbol

  11. totalSupply

  12. UniswapV2Pair

Write methods:

  1. approve

  2. blacklist

  3. burn

  4. decreaseAllowance

  5. increaseAllowance

  6. renounceOwnership

  7. setRule

  8. transfer

  9. transferFrom

  10. transferOwnership

This token as any other token is compatible with our Launchpad, and your tokens can be sold on our Launchpad!

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