⬆️Sell Product

The selling process is very easy and requires only product adding via the platform. You can only publish the dApps you have made by yourself or you have the rights to sell the dApp.


  • BSC BEP20 wallet (to pay for the gas fee ~$0.20)

  • Full product documentation

  • Full source code

  • Live Demo

  • Contact Details (Telegram and/or E-Mail)


  1. Open the link: https://www.pinky.finance/marketplace/create to add your product.

  2. Fill out all the required input fields.

  1. Set price in BNB

  1. Upload all the images/files.

  1. Leave a comment for the reviewer if there is anything we should know.

How will I receive money?

All of the product sellers receive their money instantly once someone buys their product, the seller receives 70% of their asked money, and the remaining amount goes into the Pinky Finance wallet.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team: @pinkyfinancemarket

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