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The buying process on Pinky Finance Web 3 Marketplace has been made in a fully decentralized manner and can be done only with the crypto payment - no need to make any direct transfers, simply follow the guide below to get the files instantly.

  1. Allocate the product you want to purchase on https://pinky.finance/marketplace

  2. Switch to BSC Network (Or the network the product is listed on)

  3. You will be asked to "Connect to BUY", click the button, and sign in - the sign-in is necessary for the authorization, so you can access the files also later with the same wallet.

  1. Please make sure that you are signing on to the right domain name - pinky.finance

  1. After a successful sign-in you will see a button change-up to "BUY NOW", you need to have the product price balance or more on the wallet you are using to purchase the item.

  1. Item purchased! Now you can download the files from the platform:

Please note: If you are facing any issues with the file download, contact our Support Team on Telegram: @pinkyfinancemarket

All of the files on the Pinky Finance Web 3 Marketplace have been reviewed by our Developer team, and you can rest assured, that there will be no issues with the script in the future.

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